'Safe sex' is more than just preventing STIs and unplanned pregnancy. It's also about you and the person you're having sex with feeling safe too - before, during and after sex.

For safe sex that feels good every time, just follow the 4 Cs.

  • Consent

    Consent is key for having mutually enjoyable and safe sex.

    Simply put, consent is a clear agreement to be sexual with someone else. Everyone understands what's about to happen and is happy with their choice.

  • Condoms

    When it comes to safe sex, condoms let you focus on the fun without the worry.

    They're the only form of contraception that protects against both STIs and unplanned pregnancies. Condoms are easy to find, easy to use and are 98% effective when used correctly. Condoms for the win!

    Keep getting those regular STI checks every 6 to 12 months, especially if you’ve changed partners, had unprotected sex, or have any symptoms.

  • Contraception

    Use condoms or pair them with another form of contraception to prevent both STIs and pregnancy.

    There are many types of contraception to choose from, and a few things to consider when deciding what’s best for you. Your healthcare provider will be able to help you with the right information and advice.

  • Communication

    Communication is the most important of all the Cs – it's how you set boundaries and expectations. Without it, conversations around consent, condoms and contraception can’t happen.

    Often communication needs to be verbal, but it can also be non-verbal. Paying attention to things like eye contact, sighs and moans, and body language can tell you if a person is comfortable and enjoying themselves. If you’re unsure, always ask.

    Whoever you’re having sex with, be it casual, a one-night stand, a holiday fling or in a long-term relationship, keep communication central – before, during and after sex.

Last updated: April 2024