How to talk about safe sex

It can seem awkward or embarrassing to bring up 'down there' with someone.

Whether it’s a one night stand or something more, here are some tips for talking about safe sex and all the fun stuff that goes with it.

Check in with yourself

Start by asking yourself a few questions when it comes to sex, like:

  • what feels good for me?
  • what feels safe?
  • what are my boundaries?
  • what am I willing to consent to?

By having an idea of where you’re at, you'll be better prepared to talk about it with others.

Plan ahead

You should be talking about condoms long before you get to the point of having sex with someone, but we know that's not always possible.

Try and plan ahead by carrying a few condoms with you and having a few lines you can use in the moment. That way you’ll feel more confident bringing it up, and you'll always be ready for safe sex that feels right for you.

Make it a conversation

Talking about safe sex is a two-way conversation. It's about finding out what’s important for you and the person you’re having sex with.

It isn't an interrogation – keep the focus on sexual safety, pleasure, and what feels good!

Last updated: March 2024